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VEVOR Lab Micropipette Kit 0.5-10μl 10-100μl 100-1000μl Single Channel (3 pcs)

VEVOR Lab Micropipette Kit 0.5-10μl 10-100μl 100-1000μl Single Channel (3 pcs)

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High Precision & Accuracy: Quality comes first! That is why every set aggressively conforms to ISO8655 standards. and each micropipette is calibrated with 3 test volumes. It also features easy calibration and maintenance. ensuring precision and accuracy during every experiment. Digit Volume Display: Are you tired of staring at numbers carefully? Well. stop wasting time and get more done! The digit display of the pipettor is designed for accurate volume setting. and the large window is used for easy volume identification. Fits Right in Your Hands: These micropipettes are featured with lightweight handles that are combined with a soft plunger. tip attachment. and flexible spring. All of these make it easy to control while achieving a full range of mothion. reducing hand fatigue even during prolonged use. Fully Autoclavable: Our micropipette kit is fully autoclavable at 121° C/249.8℉ and provides 0.15MPa of pressure for 20 minutes. Cleaning them is such a breeze. and maximum sterilization is always ensured! They effectively prevent any cross-contamination in delicate lab applications. Versatile Use: The micropipette set is ideal for laboratories. industrial sectors. food. and cosmetic experiments. It goes above and beyond. making it suitable for reef saltwater aquariums. pool water tests. marine water tests. measuring liquid nutrients for plants. general chemistry sampling. etc. Essential equipment for your work!

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